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Membership – 2007

  • Outfitter application
  • Guide application

Insurance – 2007

  • Liability Insurance
  • Powerboat or Boat/Equipment Insurance (optional)
  • Commercial auto insurance is available from Progressive Insurance;
  • members with current Safeco policies should continue with them.


  • Membership & Insurance instructions
  • Website Listing application & instructions
  • Still have questions? Contact the FOAM offices.

Useful Forms

  • Outfitter Log Pages (2006)
  • May be typed–in online and printed, or just printed as blank forms
  • Acknowledgment of Risk Form – 1 client
  • (‘single client’ signature form)
  • Acknowledgment of Risk Form – 4 clients
  • (‘one trip’ form for up to 4 signatures for clients included in a single trip)
  • Independent Contractor Memorandum of Agreement
  • (Sample ‘MOA’ or ‘contract’ between an outfitter and an IC guide or
  • an outfitter acting as a guide)

Other Applications

Independent Contractor

Montana guide

Montana outfitter license

Montana fishing licenses online